Dr. Sharon Stills Answering Cancer & Chronic Disease Questions LIVE!!


About Dr. Sharon Stills

Dr. Sharon Stills, NMD, is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who provides therapeutic and diagnostic services to patients in need of a different approach. She believes the mind AND body must be treated as one in order for every person to enjoy genuine health and true happiness. Dr. Stills combines her conventional medical training and a deep knowledge of natural healing to effectively identify and treat health concerns ranging from menopause to breast cancer. The various therapies she utilizes to accomplish this include live cell therapeutics, homeopathy, bioidentical hormone replacement, anti-aging medicine, isopathy, botanicals, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, color therapy, meditation and more. Dr. Stills now has set up RED MEDical to see patients one-on-one in a beautiful setting in the desert of Arizona.

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02:55 – Dr. Stills telemedicine practice pre-COVID

04:00 – Dr. Stills’ bio – how and why she became a naturopath and began working with cancer patients

08:45 – Why Dr. Stills got away from pediatrics

11:04 – Sanum remedies: Notakehl for staph and strep

12:53 – About live cell therapeutics – Dr. Stills doesn’t recommend them with cancer – good for prevention and stimulating the immune system.

15:05 – With your focus on hormones and infertility, how do you apply this to cancer treatment?

16:06 – Using bio-identical hormones to treat cancer

17:25 – In-depth testing of hormones using 24 hr urine testing

19:30 – Pillars of healing: detoxification, microbiome, emotional health, diet, hydration, supplements, energy flow, autonomic nervous system

20:00 – Do you ever recommend estrogen blockers?

21:05 – The importance of balancing hormones and improving methylation pathways

22:40 – It’s all about the terrain.

23:00 – What testing do you use to check for cancer? (RGCC, Oncoblot, Ivygene, bloodwork: cholesterol, white blood cells, neutrophils, lymphocytes, albumin, thermography-CRT

26:30 – Using thermography to evaluate the lymphatic system

27:36 – Is the DUTCH test a good test to use?

29:58 – 13 criteria for breast health using thermography scans

31:32 – Do you use high dose vitamin C?

31:43 – The use of vitamin C, alkaline infusions, and homeopathic remedies in IV therapy

33:33 – What are your thoughts on ozone therapy?

34:28 – Is there a place or book to get in-depth information about oxalates?

36:13 – What are some of the detoxes you do with your patients?

38:50 – With severe disease there is an emotional/psycho-spiritual component.

39:10 – Using Colorpuncture to uncover unresolved trauma

43:40 – How does Colorpuncture compare to using a Weber laser?

46:47 – Other therapies: constellation therapy, Hellinger therapy, timeline therapy, NLP, mindfulness

49:58 – Diet, hydration, sleep, movement, breathing, mindfulness for inducing a parasympathetic state

55:00 – Detox- opening eliminatory organs-drainage remedies

56:00 – Addressing metals in the mouth first – biological dentistry

57:30 – Each tooth is connected to an acupuncture meridian

58:15 – Neural therapy for scars to clear energy blockages

1:00:15 – Practicing good EMF hygiene

1:02:00 – Infrared sauna

1:02:19 – Hot/cold therapy – hormesis

1:02:34 – Heavy metal and toxicity tests

1:03:15 – Remedies-brands used for drainage: Physica, PEKANA, Heel

1:03:30 – The importance of draining toxins first

1:03:53 – Diet plays a big role in how toxic we are

1:04:15 – Why organic matters

1:05:201: – The importance of hydration

1:07:25 – Cesium chloride for cancer- no opinion

1:08:00 – How do retreats help?

1:10:20 – Thoughts on therapeutic phlebotomy draws – will use for high ferritin or fibrinogen

1:11:30 – What type of diet do you recommend for active cancer?

1:12:10 – Detailed food sensitivity and microbiome testing

1:14:00 – Fasting and personalized diets (Prolon)

1:15:23 – Likes Vibrant and BioImmuno Labs for food sensitivity

1:16:50 – GI Map, Doctors Data and Genova for microbiome test

1:17:45 – No test is 100%

1:18:10 – Do neural therapy or procaine injections have applications for tumor scar tissue?

1:19:20 – Muscle testing to see if a scar is weakening the system

1:19:50 – Using proteolytic enzymes and heated castor oil packs to dissolve scar tissue

1:20:55 – Where to contact Dr. Stills