Dr. Tony Jimenez Answering Cancer & Chronic Disease Questions LIVE!!


About Dr. Antonio Jimenez

Antonio Jimenez, M.D., N.D., or as patients affectionately call him, Dr. Tony, is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of the world-renowned Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, a leading name in integrative oncology with two first-class locations in Tijuana and Cancun, Mexico and international centers in Thailand (Bangkok), and Colombia (Barranquilla). Established in 2000, Hope4Cancer’s Tijuana treatment center is a certified inpatient hospital and official member of the Baja California Hospitals Association, while Hope4Cancer’s Cancun treatment center (founded in 2015) serves outpatients in one of the world’s premier medical tourism destinations.

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00:03:53 Dr. Tony, I just lost my dog who is my best friend. How do I deal with the grief and pain so I don’t grow my cancer or send it to my lungs?

00:8:56 Dr. Tony’s second book due out later this year is called Emotions and Cancer.

00:9:51 What is the typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner you suggest for those who have cancer currently?

00:12:20 What did you have for breakfast today, Dr. Jimenez?

00:16:37 Do you have recipes in your book?

00:19:31 Please discuss your treatment approach for glioblastoma. (Tumor removed, tentacles left, doing radiation and oral chemo pills, limited resources.)

00:28:52 What is your experience with nitric oxide and cancer?

00:36:11 I’ve been taking IV vitamin C, 50 grams weekly for about 18 months. How and when do you recommend tapering off? Does taking a break benefit?

00:42:00 What cancers do you typically see with a CEA (Carcino Embryonic Antigen) in the 4-6 range?

0045:29 I started MaraGen Ionic Calcium Therapy 2 months ago for cancer for severe osteoporosis. Have you found any side effects with these types of therapies?

00:51:31 Dr. Roth and Levy use multiple forms of vitamin C. Which 4 or more forms do you like to see in a multi-vitamin C formula?

00:54:48 What do you use to know the CTC count in RGCC?

00:59:10 Are there supplements that need to be paired with vitamin C to help increase absorption?

01:01:08 Trevor King mentioned hydrogen water and molecular hydrogen. Please discuss how important this type of water is versus filtered water. Is there a less expensive way to get hydrogen water other than a $2000 Echo-type machine?

01:05:15 Regarding micronutrients, I understand certain combinations of nutrients may allow a lesser amount of a single nutrient. How do we begin to understand the synergistic relationship between nutrients?

01:07:42I did RGCC and got a CTC count of 2 but I do not know where the tumor is so how else can I measure progress or know if it gets better or worse?

01:10:50 Dr. Tony, do you have any closing messages you’d like to leave the community? (Please join our Hope4Cancer webinar series)