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About Dr. Jason Miller

After graduating from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2005, Dr. Jason Miller found himself working directly with hundreds of cancer patients who were in desperate need of support and guidance through the maze of challenging decisions that a cancer diagnosis brings. Through his work with the Mederi Center and ongoing collaboration with longtime cancer experts and esteemed colleagues, he was brought into a community of medical practitioners and scholars that represent an unprecedented base of knowledge and wisdom in the collaborative management of cancer and chronic disease. Today, Dr. Miller’s approach bridges the ecological principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern biomedical science and research to create a holistic framework for deepening our understanding of human physiology. His goal is to help people find ways to overcome cancer and chronic disease, to help them live happier, healthier lives, and to turn complex medical concepts into easily accessible information.



Time Stamps:

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00:04:25 Traditional first question: What is the latest and greatest cancer in your mind?

00:24:04 Recent study has suggested that gut dysbiosis may be contributing to metastasis, what suggestions do you have to improve the microbiome and someone that is on a low carbohydrate diet?

00:33:18 Any general tips for supporting the liver going through treatment, specifically chemotherapy?

00:38:41 Stage four cancer and considering immunotherapy

00:44:30 Ivermectin in Cancer

00:47:25 From a Chinese medicine perspective, how do you deal with tinnitus? Does acupuncture help? How much is it related to jaw clenching or masked cell activation syndrome?

00:52:18 Can one get rid of polyps in the colon naturally without surgical removal?

00:57:40 After radiation for metastatic breast cancer to bones, I must have a lot of dead and dying cancer cells hanging around, how can I support my body in removing all of this stuff?

01:07:48 Claudia’s wondering, her husband is in the hospital because of Pneumonitis, side effect of immunotherapy, has been off since June doing a low-carb diet, also concern is he’s been put on a high dose of prednisone again, and feel like we’re going back. Any suggestions while he is tapering down?

01:12:11 Do tinctures provide enough, dosage-wise, and is there anything we can do to mitigate the alcohol content?

01:15:16 Concerned with ovarian cancer and wondering what your thoughts on an ALA drip are, have you ever incorporated ALA drips?

01:17:10 What are your thoughts about infrared saunas for breast cancer patients? Is it a good idea? If it is good, can it be done once a week?

01:20:10 What your thoughts are on BCG treatment for stage zero non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, and if it’s worthwhile, is there any herbal support that you typically recommend in combination with BCG?

01:22:48 Can you list safe third-party tested, in other words, companies to order herbs from?

01:25:33 16-year-old daughter’s got two years post-transplant for alo, radiation put her into ovarian failure, and doc said that only synthetic hormone replacement will help, any other way to balance the hormones now that ovarian failure has occurred due to radiation, or is synthetic hormone replacement indeed the only way.

01:29:20 They say I have no evidence of disease, and now MD has me on a copper supplement for a blood level low in copper. Is this harmful?

01:30:45 What is your opinion of a tiny amount of DMSO to make things like Niclosamide more soluble?

01:32:19 Name of ALA supplement

01:32:51 Fasting during chemo

01:36:02 Opinion on Herceptin and targeted radiation.

01:41:16 Has a recurrence of colon cancer: What are the alternatives to biopsy?

01:42:27 Use of mistletoe injections or IV vitamin C alongside chemo

01:44:21 Can you take LDN when you are on chemotherapy?

01:45:55 Any specific mushrooms that might be detrimental?

01:49:30 IV Artesunate

01:52:39 What are your thoughts on local hyperthermia on a solid tumor?