Congratulations and GREAT decision to take control of your health & healing journey in taking a big step towards ensuring you have all the information and support you need to make it a super successful one!!

Within a few minutes, you should receive an email from Going Integrative Plus with your account login details. If for some reason you don’t receive it, check your spam folder, and if it’s not there, write us at [email protected].

Once you login, you can immediately begin taking advantage of the MASSIVE archive you now have 24/7 access to – all of our past expert Q&A calls, all of our past nutrition calls, and our two Anti-Cancer Revolution events. Everything is transcribed and timestamped, which you’ll see in the downloads section in each video’s unique page.

You can browse through the videos to see what jumps out at you, use the search function within each category to look for particular terms you’re interested in, or a little bit of both!

You can also explore all the bonus resources we have for download, and most importantly, make sure to keep an eye on your inbox for your weekly call announcements! We announce the day and time of the call at the beginning of each week, so make sure to put it on your calendar right away so you’re sure to attend and get the most out of this program!

My wife, our whole team and I are constantly working to make sure this program is the absolute most help possible to you, and I know you’re going to LOVE it… as long as you ACTUALLY USE IT!

Good job again putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your healing journey, and I’ll see you on the next call!!

-Ryan Sternagel

What is Going Integrative Plus?

Going Integrative Plus is a community for those interested in preventing cancer through a holistic approach or for those who wish to receive educational support during their cancer journey. Community members can talk to a top integrative expert each week and access the call replay library, transcripts, resources, studies, community discussion forum, nutrition talks and demos, recipes, product discounts, and patient advocate Q&A calls.


First, verify you are using the same email address you used to sign up for your Going Integrative account.  Then, check your spam and junk folders for an email from Going Integrative. If you still do not see an email to reset your password, contact us at [email protected]

You will receive weekly call announcements at the email you used to register for the program. If you do not receive weekly call announcements, please contact us at [email protected]

Just write in to [email protected] and let us know you changed your mind!

Please log into your membership portal at and navigate to the Call Replay Section.

In the Call Replay Section, look below the video to the right. There is a section labeled Downloads. If you do not see a PDF transcript, please be patient. It can take up to 2 weeks for transcripts to be posted because of the detailed medical terminology and many resources mentioned in our calls.

There is a search bar at the top of each of your products (Call Replays, Nutrition, Community, etc). Type your key words in the search bar and the system will reference calls that mention the topic or discussion posts if you are searching on the community page.